2015 Lump Sum Compensation Regulation

Read WIRO's WIRE of 13 November setting out our policy for funding applications for grants resulting from the 2015 Lump Sum Compensation Regulation. WIRO has produced a 'Fast Track Application Form' to assist with applications for grants. GO TO

Self Insurers Association AGM

Here are the statistics referred to in Mr Garling's presentation GO TO

Insights and Information

WIRO has recently published its performance report for the quarter ending 30 September 2015. GO TO

Updated ILARS Policies effective 1 June 2015

Read ILARS updated policies and guidelines on application approvals, invoicing, reviewing ILARS decisions and approval and practice standards for ALSPs. GO TO

Change of Name

As a result of legislative changes which became effective on 1 September 2015 the office has changed our name to the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office. We will still be known as WIRO. GO TO

Work Capacity Decisions

Read the Work Capacity Decision #178 of 2015 taken by the WIRO recently. GO TO

WIRO eNewsletters

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